Pete Westall is the Chief Values Officer and part of the Executive team for The Midcounties Co-operative, (, where he has worked for over 30 years. 

Midcounties Co-operative is seen as one of the leading Co-operatives in the UK, in Europe and across the world. They operate a broad portfolio of businesses, including Food, Travel and Childcare on behalf of their 700,000 members, and have a purpose stating that “Through the power of co-operation, we’re building a fairer, more sustainable and ethical future”.

Pete holds overall accountability for sustainability and the Society’s Social Responsibility agenda, as well as ensuring Co-operative Values & Principles are at the heart of the Society. He has a background in both retail and responsible business and believes all businesses have a responsibility to the communities in which they trade. 

He holds a number of Board positions associated with his Executive role – including Director of the Younity Joint Venture, member of the Leadership Board of Business in the Community and on the Co-operative Group’s National Members Council. He was named Co-operator of the Year by Co-op UK members in 2021 in recognition of his work across the UK movement. 

Pete is also a member of ICETT – the International Co-operative Entrepreneurial Think Tank – formed in 2018 by the ICA to boost cooperatives’ entrepreneurial performance. Its members seek to address the global challenges that cooperative enterprises are facing today, through innovative ideas, research, education, and cooperation.


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