GICS 2023

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Montreal 2023


Dear participants, facilitators, panelists, and speakers, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous contribution to the success of the Global Innovation Coop Summit held in Montreal in 2023.

To our valued sponsors and broadcasting partners, a heartfelt thank you. Your unwavering support is the cornerstone of GICS’s existence.

We are fully aware of the immense potential of this economic model for the well-being of humanity, our communities, and our members. Let us continue this journey together to promote a fair and equitable business model for the betterment of humanity. We look forward to seeing you again in 2025.

Together we LEAD

together we lead
Together we lead is exemplified through the cooperative superpower principle #6, Cooperation among cooperatives. Many global cooperatives extend their reach and create bigger impacts with their combined knowledge and shared expertise, and cooperatives of all sizes inter-cooperate to reinforce their ability to make social and economic changes. However, the true potential for cooperative transformation to address global issues has not been realized. This theme will define, exemplify, and explore a diverse range of inter-cooperation among cooperatives and beyond, taking particular interest in how leading organizations cooperate and collaborate with each other to collectively achieve their respective goals and move us all toward a cooperative economy and society. What does the principal 6th “cooperation among cooperatives really means?

Let's get CIRCULAR

let's get circular
We live in a world where our natural resources are overexploited and the fight against climate change is not getting easier. Our way of producing and consuming must be more sustainable and requires cross sector collaboration and systemic change in behaviour and thinking. This session will explore what’s being circular really means, circularity strategies and innovative ways for all participants to act on their concern for communities. Together, we will explore pathways toward a circular and cooperative way of doing business. This panel will introduce the central circularity strategies and the policy and supporting ecosystem for cooperatives and their partners to advance circularity in practice. What are opportunities for cooperatives in the emerging circular economy policies? Are cooperatives acting on these opportunities, and are they equipped to do so? What cooperation between cooperatives but also with other actors is needed to advance circularity and transition to socially just and sustainable societies?


Living digital
For decades prior to the pandemic, the world experienced rapid shifts toward a more digital lifestyle, from how we share information, communicate with each other, work together and purchase goods. The pandemic pointed to the need for cooperatives to not just transform their way of thinking behind how to make digital tools and technology more efficient for their members, but also the critical need for the digitalization of cooperative operations, and at times removing or reducing the physical presence of an enterprise. This theme will explore ideas on how cooperatives can effectively improve their services and increase their engagement with their communities, move in parallel with digital and AI trends, and learn from cooperatives of all sizes, who are leaders in this arena.



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