Cindy Vaucher is a committed social entrepreneur who works for the preservation of our environment, particularly through circular economy and waste reduction projects.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, which led her to work in the aeronautical industry as an engineering project manager for a few years, Cindy then decided to reorient herself professionally to better respect her personal values. After a long trip around the world during which Cindy focused her observations on the relationship to ecology in different countries, Cindy obtained a Master’s degree in Management and Sustainable Development from HEC Montreal in 2022.

In 2021, she co-founded the cooperative Retournzy, which works to reduce packaging waste in the take-out and food service sector, and is currently its general coordinator.

Cindy is also committed to the preservation of biodiversity in urban areas and in particular the protection of pollinators in Montreal and sits on the Board of Directors of the cooperative Polliflora whose primary mission is to protect pollinators.


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