Louis Cousin is a consultant and researcher in cooperative data infrastructures with over a decade of experience in the cooperative movement. He has held various positions as an entrepreneur, cooperative association staff member, and researcher. Currently, Louis serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Startin’blox cooperative and is a Ph.D. student at Laval University in Canada and Paris-Saclay University in France.

Louis has made significant contributions to the cooperative movement through his work in understanding and experimenting with web 3.0 technologies. He has supported national and international cooperative associations in adopting these technologies and has designed and implemented proof-of-concept projects like Coopedia in the framework of #coops4dev and CoopStarter projects.

In addition to his professional achievements, Louis is actively involved in supporting the emergence of international IT networks, such as PATIO and Happy Dev. He believes in the power of collaboration and is committed to promoting cooperation in the technology sector.

As a panelist at the Global Innovation Coop Summit, Louis will bring his expertise in cooperative data infrastructures and experience in promoting collaboration in the technology sector. He looks forward to sharing his insights on the topic and engaging in a meaningful discussion with fellow panelists and the audience.


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