Dr Igor Calzada is Principal Investigator/Research Fellow/Associate Professor at Ikerbasque, University of the Basque Country, and Cardiff University (WISERD – Civil Society ESRC) since 2021. He holds Fulbright Award (US-UK Commission) having worked in California around Data Cooperatives, AI, and DAOs with Stanford University. He has worked for more than 20 years as Senior Researcher/Scientist/Advisor in Digital Transformations, Smart Cities, and Social Innovation by employing Action Research at the University of Oxford (Future of Cities and Urban Transformations ESRC) (2012-21), European Commission DG-JRC (2020-21), United Nations – UN-Habitat (2021), and Mondragon Corporation/University (2002-2011). He has continuously received several fellowships and awards over the last 12 years being funded by Fulbright, ESRC, Learned Society of Wales, H2020, JRC, VUB, Marie Curie, RSA, and Ikerbasque, and has extensively published in top journal and books his research on data and platform cooperatives. He has recently published Emerging Digital Citizenship Regimes (Emerald, 2022) and Smart City Citizenship (Elsevier, 2021). Furthermore, he taught in 13 international universities (2005-22): California State, University of the Basque Country, University of Oxford, University of Strathclyde, Vrje Universiteit Brussels, University of Malmö, University of Iceland, Kaos Pilot, University of Mondragon, Aston University, Helsinki University, NUI Galway, and University of Nevada – Reno. Outside academia, he has been Director in the Basque Government and Project Manager in SMEs, Co-Founder of Translokal spin-off and Senior Researcher/Lecturer at Mondragon University.

As a panelist at the Global Innovation Summit, Dr Igor Calzada will present several collective research outcomes on data cooperatives recently published in the G20 India and journal Digital, among other publications/findings on this stream of action research/policy. He looks forward to building international action research/policy collaborations on data cooperatives while engaging in productive discussions with panelists and the audience. His action research aims to co-produce emancipatory datafication AI-driven strategies with stakeholders.

Dr Calzada holds Cum Laude PhD in Management/Social Innovation at the University of Mondragon and an MBA at the University of Deusto.


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