Howard Brodsky is a world leader of co-operatives and recipient of the 2019 Rochdale Pioneer Award is a prolific American entrepreneur. In 1984 he cofounded CCA Global Partners, and has

been its Chairman and Chief Executive for the past 34 years. During that time, he built the organization into one of the largest retail companies in America and the fourteenth largest retail co-operative in the world, which has diversified to create co-operatives in 15 other industries.

Brodsky has dedicated his life to building sustainable co-operative businesses around the world and in industries where they did not exist before. Beyond his work with CCA Global and his mentorship of co-op entrepreneurs, Brodsky founded Co-operatives for a Better World to

promote awareness and provide a structured strategy to inspire and educate co-operative employees. All of his work is founded on the principle that this cooperative vision lives beyond his singular experience and lifetime.


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