Georges Ki-Zerbo has extensive experience as an expert, scholar and leader in health and development. He has contributed to national regional continental and global programs and flagship initiatives related to prevention control and elimination of communicable and non-communicable diseases in line with the SDGs and Africa Health Strategy and Agenda 2063 ‘The Africa we Want’. He is also a strong advocate applying science and health diplomacy for accelerated progress in UHC, Health through the life course and Health Security. Georges has helped develop expert networks centers of excellence partners platforms to address HIV TB Malaria NTDS and other priority disease and problems related to the Humanitarian Development Peace and Security Nexus. 

Georges played a key role in the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations efforts against Ebola Disease and other Hemorrhagic Viral Fevers Zika working with national, regional and continental mechanisms. 

Georges Ki-Zerbo is member of several academic and scholarly bodies as well as the International Leadership Association and the International Coaching Federation.


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